Great Adventures Learning Academy-Programs


Explorers: Birth-1 year

The explorers are our youngest adventurers! In the Explorers' room, we use our five senses to explore the world around us. If you stopped by our room, you might find us doing tummy time, singing and moving to songs, reading stories, and having fun in a cheerful, nurturing environment! Our curriculum focuses on colors, textures, gross motor skills and coordination. We can even communicate with American Sign Language!  


Pathfinders: 1-2 years

Our Pathfinders are on the GO! We are learning to walk, march, and dance. We enjoy music, fingerplays, crafts, and sharing with our friends. Our curriculum includes colors, shapes, numbers, and letters. We are also learning to talk, play with toys, and be more independent! 


Aviators: 2-3 years

The Aviators' room is always exciting! We are moving faster, showing more independence, and excited to be with our friends each day. You might find us singing "Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes," playing with Play-Doh, building block towers, and pretending. We are using music, circle time, and art to learn more about colors, shapes, numbers, and letters-ask us to show you which letter starts our name! Our greatest achievement is going potty!


Navigators: 3-4 years

The Navigators are learning the best through social interaction! We love to play in centers, make up games on the playground, and be creative. We are learning to recognize letters and their sounds, write our names, and play games together. Our favorite activities include music, art, playing outside, and entertaining our friends and teachers! Our classroom can be loud, but we are always learning! 


Trailblazers: 4-5 years

Trailblazers are the oldest adventurers! We are working hard to get ready for "Big School." We focus on writing upper- and lower-case letters, counting to 100, recognizing sight words, and cutting with scissors. Our games might sound silly, but we are learning to work together, communicate effectively, and be more confident! We are expressing our creativity in the songs we sing, the stories we tell, and the things we build.